I completed my PhD work at Centre for Autonomous Systems, University of Technology, Sydney. My research interests are state estimation for robotics(SLAM, VINS), planning under uncertainty and RGB-D perception. My research topic for my PhD work is active object recognition and pose estimation for robotic manipulation.

Please also visit the personal website of my partner, Liye Sun

who is also an excellent robotic researcher who has 3 ICRA and 1 IROS papers about robot mapping and also some other publications about visual saliency.


  • Our papers are accepted by IROS 2017, see you in Vancouver
  • Our paper with Jixin Lv, Yue Wang, Yukinori Kobayashi, Gamini Dissanayake and Rong Xiong about a novel ICP algorithm by integrating the incident angle has been submitted to IROS 2017
  • Our paper with Teng Zhang, Daobilige Su, Shoudong Huang and Gamini Dissanayake about the observability analysis of VINS(Visual Inertia Navigation System) has been submitted to IROS 2017, fingers crossed
  • Our paper with Dongxuan Li, Dr. Yue Wang and Prof. Rong Xiong from Zhejiang University, and Kevin Eckenhoff and Prof. Guoquan Huang from University of Delaware on gyro-aided camera-odometer online calibration and localization is now accepted at ACC 2017
  • Our paper with Xiaoyang Li, Dr. Ravindra Ranasinghe, Prof. Gamini Dissanayake and Prof. Yong Liu on a novel invariant RGB-D feature is now accepted at ICRA 2017
  • Our paper with Teng Zhang, Prof. Shoudong Huang and Prof. Gamini Dissanayake on consistency and convergence analysis for a Lie group formulated SLAM algorithm is now accepted at ICRA 2017 and also by Robotic and Autonmation Letter
  • Our paper is submitted to ACC 2017 with Dongxuan Li from Zhejiang University about enhancing ORB-SLAM with gyro preintegration
  • One submission to RA-L and one submission to ICRA, fingers crossed
  • I maintain a awesome-slam repository on Github
  • Oct/2015: I will visit University of Southern California for 4 months next year, under the supervison of Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme
  • Oct/2015: I won the showcase best presentation award at FEIT, UTS, Please check my CV for detail presentation


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Centre for Autonomous Systems
University of Technology, Sydney
CB11.09.300, 81 Broadway
Ultimo, NSW, Australia, 2007